Confined Space & Rescue Standbys

The REDS Team can provide confined space rescue standbys, rope rescue standbys, and water & dive standbys for your facility, business or event.

Our Team members are also trained in basic medical care and patient packaging. We can help keep your folks safe during repair work, installations, outages, and other jobs that may be going on, or be there for your event. Keeping you safe is our number one concern.

We have done standbys for numerous businesses and are on contract for quite a few as well. Contact us for a list of these companies and references.

Confined Space Standbys

Meeting and complying with OSHA 1910.146 for permitted confined space entries can be costly and time consuming. With the training required and equipment needed, it is not always financially prudent to handle this in-house. The REDS Team has been doing confined space rescue standbys since 1992 and can handle this service for you. We will take the liability away from you and place it on us. Our primary goal is the safety and well-being of your employees. We provide trained rescue technicians at your entry site capable of doing a confined space rescue and administering initial medical care if needed.

Confined Space Consulting

We have also been doing consulting work for companies since the 1990's on their confined space programs and spaces. We can some on site and help you identify your permitted and non-permitted spaces and also guide you in how to address them on your program so you are following the OSHA 1910.146 guidelines. With the addition of the new confined space construction standard, more companies will need to be aware and education on confined spaces. Let us help make this easier for you.

Rope Rescue Standbys

Making sure your folks are safe and can be rescued in a timely manner is always a concern. We can be on site and be ready to perform a rescue from the top of buildings, towers, and other high angle structures where they may be performing work. We can also assist in making sure their rigging and rope systems are safe and up to standards.

Water and Dive Standbys

Working in or around the water? Have an event that is on the water? Need to recover or search underwater areas? We can assist you with any of these. With trained water rescue technicians and certified divers we can help keep your folks safe or perform underwater task as needed. We also have a search and recovery boat equipped with side scan sonar, underwater metal detector and an underwater camera. Let us come out and help you with your project.

The REDS Team is fully insured and for more information and pricing, contact us.